Chapter 2 Abandon Ship!

Here is a collection of short stories of a teenager’s adventures in the Sea Scouts.  The stories include: a harrowing attempt to survive a severe storm at sea; an unusual way of winning first place in a Boy Scout District Camporee; an encounter with the US Army; and what it was like to attend a colorful Boy Scout World Jamboree.  They are not tales of campfire sing-a-longs and scouts driving to excel to the highest rank.  These Sea Scouts also concentrated on other activities and carried them one or two steps beyond such noble pursuits.  While being adventurous and fun loving, they took their seamanship seriously and met challenges in a responsible manner.


These stories are filled with wit and humor.  When summing up his thoughts about the book John said: “Every time I read these adventures I laugh out loud.  Maybe you will too.”


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