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Entering the Race To the Moon - Autobiography of an Apollo Rocket Scientist.


This is the autobiography of John P. Hornung, a rocket scientist during the early years of NASA's Apollo mission to land a man on the moon.  This writing describes four chapters of his life.  Three were selected for their significance in U.S. history; early school integration in the deep south, a period of brutality in the US Marine Corps, and landing a man on the moon.  A forth chapter includes short stories of his Sea Scout adventures.  Complete descriptions of the four chapters with photographs are found in the upper right of your screen.  The eBook is written in 84,932 words and contains many pictures.


This is a worthwhile and enthralling book to read.

Gerald J. Dominque  Professor - Doctor Emeritus

Zurich, Switzerland

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Having read his story, I strongly recommend it because John Hornung was among those pioneers that wrote the book on building, designing, testing, and developing
rockets and human spaceflight.  His memoir is an important treasure of information that would serve us all well to know, understand, and remember.

Dr. David Livingston, host of The Space Show.

(John’s) delightfully entertaining memoirs of his association with the NASA space program have something for every level of reader. The graphics and NASA photos of the vehicles associated with the space launching vehicles are a treasure. This look at his first career as a space scientist is exciting and inspiring, sprinkled with hilarious moments of fun.

Jean C. Keating – National Award Winning Author.


Dr. David Livingston's interview of John Hornung on The Space Show.  Click here  http://www.thespaceshow.com/show/30-oct-2009/broadcast-1248-special-edition.  It is a very interesting program.