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Entering the Race To the Moon - Autobiography of an Apollo Rocket Scientist.


This is the autobiography of John P. Hornung, a rocket scientist during the early years of NASA's Apollo mission to land a man on the moon.  This writing describes four chapters of his life.  Three were selected for their significance in U.S. history; early school integration in the deep south, a period of brutality in the US Marine Corps, and landing a man on the moon.  A forth chapter includes short stories of his Sea Scout adventures.  Below are brief descriptions of the four chapters.  More complete descriptions with photographs are found in the upper right of your screen.  The eBook is written in 84,932 words and contains many pictures.

Chapter 1  The Silent Aftermath


In the mid 1950s, a battle bubbled to the surface between a group of Catholic intellectuals, intent on removing segregation in New Orleans Catholic schools, and their formidable segregationist foes. John tells how, more than fifty years later, he unraveled shocking discoveries of the mystery behind the difficulties he and his siblings encountered and the early battle to integrate New Orleans segregated Catholic schools.

Chapter 2 Abandon Ship !


Here is a collection of short stories of a teenager's adventures in the Sea Scouts.  The stories include: a harrowing attempt to survive a severe storm at sea; an unusual way of winning first place in a Boy Scout District Camporee; an encounter with the U.S. Army; and what it was like to attend a colorful Boy Scout World Jamboree.  The stories are filled with wit and humor.  This chapter is also sold as its own book, currently rated five stars.

Chapter 3  Private 1543868


John enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in his junior year of high school.  While he found his boot camp experiences to be brutal at times, he learned a half century later they were the dark side of Marine Corps life.  This is the story of John's encounter with the forces of the dark side and his attempts to survive them.

Chapter 4  To the Moon, Without Me


Many of John’s assignments became a baptism of fire in the sink or swim approach to getting the job done that existed in the early years of NASA’s Apollo Space Program.  This is John’s story of his exciting and demanding career as a rocket scientist during the race between the United States and the Russians to be the first to reach the moon.  This chapter has received high acclaim, click book reviews above right.